New Orleans Shipping Container Home

Built Using Two 40′ Shipping Containers   At 720 sq ft house features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and home office.     The couple paid $5000 for the lot and $5000 for the two 40′ shipping containers     Although small (compared to normal standards) the bedroom and bathroom are more than adequate     The kitchen […]

Using Prefab Containers To Build A Home

Building A Home With Prefabricated Containers   Prefabricated Containers Can Be Built To Spec! This home was created using two custom built 30′ containers. At the customers request it came ready with windows, doors, and sliding glass doors.     Ability to Customize Modular construction gives builders and home owners various options and design possibilities. This helps […]

Shipping Container Farms

Shipping Containers Converted to Urban Farms   How important is local food production these days? Using a sustainable system featuring fish and vegetables, a small group of ambitious individuals have been creating urban shipping container farms and greenhouses in the center of a major cities. Recently, there has been an uptick in the number of […]

Shipping Container Home in California

Check out this Two Story Home Built With Three Shipping Containers     Blends In With The Neighborhood Notice anything unusual with this house built in California? We if you don’t, here’s a hint: It was built using shipping containers. With ends covered in siding, you’ll need to take a close look to find out that […]